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Tricks for audience building and career-boosting on LinkedIn

Tricks for audience building and career-boosting on LinkedIn

The Contrarian Marketing Podcast, episode #19

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In this episode of the Contrarian Marketing podcast, we discuss the benefits of using LinkedIn to build a following or boost your career.

We share tips on how to optimize your profile, engage with your audience, and create effective content.

Why you need to pay attention to Linkedin

Building a following on LinkedIn offers several benefits. It allows you to connect with a vast and engaged community of professionals, build relationships with peers in your industry, and establish yourself as a thought leader through personal branding. Additionally, you can utilize the platform for job recruiting and talent acquisition.

10 tips to get the most out of Linkedin

  1. Optimize your profile with a professional headshot. Ideally, spend some money for a professional photographer and try not to look like you’re taking a picture for a high school yearbook ;-). 

  2. We’re torn about the headline. Kevin says to keep it short and interesting; Eli recommends stuffing your headline - decide for yourself!

  3. Respond to comments on your posts within 60 minutes. Keep the conversation going instead of simple replies.

  4. Set profile to creator

  5. Polish your LinkedIn resume

  6. Optimize background banner

  7. Use 3-5 hashtags in each post

  8. Documents work better than text posts

  9. Avoid links or tags in the main post; put them in the comments

  10. Post about once a day

  11. Initial engagement with your post is key (the first 90 min are critical)

  12. Avoid editing posts within the first 30 min

  13. Analyze and lean into what drives impressions and comments

  14. Invest in copywriting skills (example framework: problem -> agitation -> solution) to stand out from all the noise

  15. Don't pitchslap in networking

Show notes


  1. 00:00:10 Introduction to the benefits of using LinkedIn for marketing and sales

  2. 00:01:32 Why you need to pay attention to LinkedIn

  3. 00:03:13 How LinkedIn can be used for job recruiting and talent acquisition

  4. 00:05:15 Tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile, including using a professional headshot and a polished resume

  5. 00:10:20 The importance of engaging with your audience on LinkedIn, including responding to comments and setting your profile to creator

  6. 00:14:38 Tips for creating effective content on LinkedIn, such as using hashtags and documents instead of text posts

  7. 00:18:40 The significance of initial engagement with your posts and avoiding editing them within the first 30 minutes

  8. 00:22:05 Analyzing what drives impressions and comments on your posts to improve your content strategy

  9. 00:28:00 The importance of providing value to your followers to grow your following on LinkedIn

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