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#34 Overstock, Hopin, Recruiters

#34 Overstock, Hopin, Recruiters

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In this episode of the Contrarian Marketing Podcast, hosts Kevin and Eli have an energetic discussion covering a range of marketing and business topics. They provide commentary on recent rebranding efforts by Overstock and, analyze the dramatic rise and fall of the virtual events platform Hopin, and share thoughts on best practices for hiring and interviewing.

The conversation pivots to the prevalence of advertising in sports, with a debate around embracing advertising opportunities versus preserving commercial-free spaces. Listeners can expect a free-flowing and insightful dialogue on current events and trends in marketing.

Main Discussion Points:

- Overstock's acquisition of Bed Bath & Beyond and the botched domain migration that redirected to (00:07 - 00:11)

- Hopin's meteoric growth during the pandemic to a $7.6 billion valuation, followed by its recent demise and pivot under new ownership (00:17 - 00:22)

- Observations on unhealthy hiring and interviewing practices like ghosting candidates (00:22 - 00:30)

- The prevalence of advertising in European sports compared to the US, and whether there should be limits (00:30 - 00:34)

Contrarian Marketing
Contrarian Marketing Podcast
Once a week, Eli and Kevin share contrarian marketing opinions about the topic du jour to give you ideas you might not be thinking about.