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2024 predictions

2024 predictions

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In this episode of Contrarian Marketing podcast, hosts Kevin and Eli make predictions for 2024, including updates on the economy, artificial intelligence advancements, political developments, and the tech industry.

They discuss controversial topics like Donald Trump's potential election, changes in SEO with the release of Google's new search engine SGE, and how new AI technologies may disrupt companies like Meta.

Main Discussion Points

- New hardware and AI voice assistants like the Revit R1 gaining traction (00:03:43)

- TikTok facing government restrictions due to national security concerns (00:17:14)

- A potential economic rebound creating excitement and innovation (00:15:53)

- The launch of powerful AI assistants by big tech companies (00:18:37)

- Traditional media struggling while creators gain more prominence (00:24:12)

Key Quotes

"Google treats [SGE] almost like a reservist, where it will keep working on SGE and elaborating it, but it will keep it in beta until it's forced by some other player like OpenAI or Microsoft or Perplexity to actually roll it out and change the search landscape." (00:07:08)

"I'm pretty sure that Donald Trump's gonna get elected president, so that means everything's gonna change." (00:14:18)

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