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Innovative Marketing Channels for Startups

Innovative Marketing Channels for Startups

The Contrarian Marketing Podcast, episode 23

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In this episode, we discuss our favorite creative marketing channels.

Kevin shares how Atlassian used Trello's email list to boost content from an SEO perspective, resulting in a significant increase in visits and shares.

Eli shares his experience partnering with the Toilet Association of Singapore to create a humorous survey on bathroom cleanliness, which went viral and garnered media attention.

Key takeaways

- Think beyond digital: Radio ads, Hulu ads, and outdoor media (such as billboards and TV shoutouts) can offer cheaper and more creative ways to reach your audience.

- Utilize community marketing: Building strong online communities around your product can surface product ambassadors who help push the product forward. These ambassadors can feel more genuine and effective compared to traditional influencers.

- Don't forget email lists and messaging apps: Email lists, text, and WhatsApp can potentially reach many users, but it's important not to overdo it or cause brand damage. Being careful with communication and frequency is key.

Show notes

Time stamps

[00:00:05] Discussing New Life and Creative Marketing Channels for Customer Acquisition

[00:01:54] Eli Schwartz Launches SEO Course for Beginners

[00:04:02] Innovative and Creative Marketing Channels

[00:05:56] The value of out-of-home advertising

[00:07:22] Discussing Growth Strategy for a Fictitious Self-Cleaning Diaper Product

[00:07:47] Innovative Marketing Channels: Product Ambassadors and Online Communities

[00:10:16] Exploring Innovative Marketing Channels with Eli Schwartz and Kevin Indig

[00:15:17] Exploring Untapped Advertising Channels Such as Radio Ads and More

[00:18:06] Innovative and Creative Traffic Channels for Growth Marketing

[00:20:54] Exploring unconventional digital marketing channels

[00:21:58] Quick Marketing Channels for Startups

[00:24:19] Leveraging Email Lists and Creative Marketing for SEO

[00:27:55] SEO Emergency? Be Proactive, Communicate, and Prioritize

[00:28:58] The Contrarian Marketing Podcast: Disrupting and Challenging Common Marketing Practices

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