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How to save yourself from a culture of meeting addiction

How to save yourself from a culture of meeting addiction

The Contrarian Marketing Podcast, episode #12

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In this conversation, we discuss one of the hottest topics during the pandemic's shift to remote work: meetings.

Meetings can be helpful in some cases, but they are often unnecessary and a waste of time. Even for those that are helpful, there is a big spectrum in efficiency based on how they’re run.

The most common issues with meetings are:

  1. Too many attendees

  2. Lack of preparation

  3. Unclear agendas

People often feel obligated to attend meetings, even if they are not necessary or relevant to their work.

Overall, the key points of the conversation are:

  • Meetings can be unproductive and inefficient, but they can also be beneficial if run properly.

  • Common issues with meetings include too many attendees, lack of preparation, and unclear agendas.

  • Good meeting hygiene includes being on time, taking good notes, preparing in advance, sticking to the agenda, and following up on action items. It's also important to be intentional about scheduling meetings and deciding whether they are necessary

Top tools for better meetings

  1. Bubbles

  2. Notion

  3. Range

  4. Coda

  5. Otter Ai

Top 10 tips for better meetings

  1. Have a clear goal and purpose for the meeting.

  2. Set a definition of success or a definition of done for the meeting.

  3. Prepare in advance, including sending out pre-read materials and an agenda.

  4. Be on time and have good meeting etiquette.

  5. Take notes during the meeting.

  6. Follow up after the meeting with action items and hold people accountable.

  7. Determine if a meeting is necessary or if information can be conveyed in an email.

  8. Discourage multitasking during meetings to improve engagement.

  9. Use tools such as Koda and Otter Ai to improve productivity during meetings.

  10. Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of your meetings and make adjustments as needed.

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