May 10 • 25M

The Future of Media: AI, Niche Companies, and Non-Media Brands

The Contrarian Marketing Podcast, episode 20

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Kevin Indig
Eli Schwartz
Once a week, Eli and Kevin share contrarian marketing opinions about the topic du jour to give you ideas you might not be thinking about.
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In this episode of Contrarian Marketing, we discuss the current state of media based on the near-bankruptcy of Vice and the shutdown of BuzzFeed News.

We think smaller, niche media companies can provide content that larger media companies cannot fulfill, and non-media companies like retailers can fund media teams to fill the gap.

We predict that AI will play a significant role in the future of media, for example, in gathering and distributing news and sports coverage.

We also announced plans to create a highly curated Slack group for solopreneurs to share experiences and help each other navigate the challenges of running a business. Apply!

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Time stamps

00:00:45 - Introduction to the state of media industry

00:04:20 - Non-media companies funding media teams

00:08:40 - Smaller, niche media companies filling the gaps left by larger media companies

00:14:00 - The Role of AI in the future of media

00:23:00 - Announcement of highly curated Slack group for solopreneurs