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Navigating Bans on Big Tech Platforms: Strategies and Risks

Navigating Bans on Big Tech Platforms: Strategies and Risks

The Contrarian Marketing Podcast, episode 24

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In this thought-provoking podcast episode, we dive deep into strategies for becoming better marketers and the power big tech companies have on our lives. We cover topics such as:

  • Are users powerless against big tech algorithms?

  • How can one protect themselves from unjust bans by tech giants?

  • In what ways is AI impacting marketing and the tools available?

  • How can marketers reduce the risk of being banned from major platforms?

Back when Eli was responsible for SEO and driving traffic at a previous company, he had to hit the front page of social media, and Digg was an important part of the job. But one day, shockingly, the platform closed his account without warning.

Despite not doing anything wrong, Eli couldn't get his original account back, and even worse - the CEO of Digg misattributed an unrelated account to him, worsening the situation. Transparency on these platforms can sometimes be seriously lacking.

Eventually, he started a new account, which ended up being more successful. But the lesson was clear: algorithms have power, and they aren't always right. This raises questions about our reliance on Big Tech platforms and their potential repercussions.

Fast forward to today, and we see this power dynamic continue to evolve. For example, Substack, Facebook, and other platforms can sometimes inaccurately or unfairly penalize individuals, leading to loss of income and reputation damage.

So, what can we take away from these experiences? Recognize that Big Tech wields significant power over our work and lives and that their decisions aren't always accurate or fair. Be proactive in diversifying your online presence and digital strategy!

Keep an eye on the power dynamics in your online interactions and identify where it makes sense to mitigate risks.

Show notes

Time stamps

[00:00:05] Improving as a Marketer: Prioritizing Time for Thinking and Copywriting Skills

[00:04:15] The Importance of Copywriting in Social Media and Digital Marketing

[00:05:19] The Power of Big Tech and the Impact on Everyday Lives

[00:07:31] The Power and Potential Dangers of Big Tech Algorithms

[00:14:26] Google Ads Account Bans and Difficulty Reaching Support

[00:17:11] Unbanning and Reconciliation in Tech Companies

[00:22:15] Derisking a Ban from Big Tech Companies

[00:24:35] Eli Schwartz and Kevin Indig discuss AI's history and cool AI apps

[00:25:54] AI and Marketing: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Game

[00:28:57] The Art of Contrarian Marketing with Fred Joyal

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