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Google Bard - still not as good as Bing

Google Bard - still not as good as Bing

The Contrarian Marketing Podcast, episode #17

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In this podcast, we compare Google's AI language model, Bard, to Microsoft's Bing. We look at the user experience, utility, and creative capabilities of both models through various scenarios.

Bard has serious accuracy and reliability issues, and we don’t see a strategy for integration and monetization. Ultimately, Bing has a more effective approach to capitalizing on its head start and providing a seamless user experience.

We really stress-tested Bard for this show and even went as far as asking it to create a commercial script for Donald Trump, but Bing's AI politely refused and told us it would not be appropriate.

Well, listen for yourself…

5 ways Bing is better than Bard

  1. User Experience: Bing provides a smoother and more enjoyable user experience, allowing users to be precise or creative in their queries.

  2. Citations: Bing offers citations for its answers, making it more reliable and trustworthy compared to Bard.

  3. Answer Quality: Bing tends to give better and more accurate answers, while Bard sometimes makes up information or provides incorrect responses.

  4. Responsiveness and Adaptability: Bing seems to move faster and improve more quickly, capitalizing on its head start in the AI language model space.

  5. Monetization and Integration: Bing effectively connects users to monetized search results, while Google has not tied Bard's utility as well to its search ecosystem.

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