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Dirty Diapers and Marketing: Lessons from Parenthood for Problem-Solving

Dirty Diapers and Marketing: Lessons from Parenthood for Problem-Solving

The Contrarian Marketing Podcast, episode 22

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🤔 Did you ever think that becoming a parent could make you a better marketer?

👶 As Kevin Indig and Eli Schwartz discuss in their recent conversation, there are some hidden lessons in parenthood that can actually make you a better digital marketer.

Here's what they learned:

1️⃣ Patience: A key skill trained by parenthood.

- SEO campaigns and content marketing often take time to generate results.

- Patience helps you maintain a consistent strategy and not jump to conclusions prematurely.

2️⃣ Emotions: Connecting with your audience on a deeper level.

- Children express raw, unfiltered emotions, making it a learning opportunity to understand human emotions better.

- Marketing is all about connecting with emotions, and observing children can provide valuable insights.

3️⃣ Management & Adaptation: Parenthood hones your management skills.

- Managing a child's needs and emotions requires flexibility, adaptability, and quick decision-making.

- These skills can be translated into managing marketing campaigns and client relationships.

👉 While children may not be direct consumers, they can teach us valuable lessons in marketing, especially in understanding emotions and managing different situations effectively.


00:02:10 Parenting lessons and how they apply to life

00:11:15 Changing the narrative

00:13:24 Learning marketing principles from observing children

00:14:59 North Stars in Marketing and Life

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