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#30 SGE, Affiliates, WFH

#30 SGE, Affiliates, WFH

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Kevin here. Let's dive into a hot topic - the return to office and hybrid work. I strongly believe more employees should have the option to work from home. But not just to avoid traffic - there are more twisted nuances to this issue.

Companies are seemingly encouraging employees to move back to offices. And here's my theory - many are secretly using it as a ploy for silent layoffs. Forcing staff who made lifestyle changes during the pandemic to suddenly return can cause resignations.

Fact check: Execs from Apple, Meta, and Google resigned because they couldn't move back. Some companies even denied severance, stating office presence is a contractual matter. Is this fair? We're not so sure.

Now, let's talk about hybrid work. No, not the kind where all employees have both on-site and remote work days. Rather, companies that have some staff exclusively remote while others are regularly in-office. This can cause a huge divide.

In theory, a hybrid system sounds great. But in practice - if you're out of sight, you might just be out of mind...and opportunities. Remote employees may struggle to form relationships or read those contextual, subliminal cues in conversations. #RemoteWorkChallenges

Until we have groundbreaking tech like VR, AR glasses or the metaverse that accurately mimic a person's subconscious signals, it's only fair to have a unified system for all employees. Same rules for everyone. #workforceequality

Here's Eli's take - the whole AR VR tech replacing traditional office experiences seems implausible to him. Those water-cooler chats, hallway meetups - they hold value. You can't replicate these spontaneous interactions in a VR space. #workplaceinteraction

I agree with Eli - a full or partial switch to remote invites career growth challenges. The best assignments, the most visibility - they usually go to those present in the office. It's harsh, but true.

If given an option for hybrid work, individuals may make choices based on their personal situation rather than career progression. e.g., parents may choose to stay home for their kids, ending up compromising on their career growth. #WorkLifeBalance

To sum up, mandating return to office or hybrid work can come with repercussions to employee well-being and career progression. The key is to find a balance and ensure equitable opportunities for all. More to come as we explore this further!

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