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#28: How SGE shapes the future of SEO

#28: How SGE shapes the future of SEO

We guest-casted on the Evergreen Media podcast

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SEO and Marketing friends,

We've recently been on the Evergreen Media Podcast, discussing:

1️⃣ The role of SGE in shaping the future of SEO.

2️⃣ Identification of verticals that AI search might severely affect.

3️⃣ Understanding how to prep for an AI-driven world.

4️⃣ Leveraging AI for a competitive advantage in SEO.

5️⃣ Some of our favorite AI tools that can aid your SEO strategy.

🚀 Key takeaways from the podcast:

• How to understand and adapt to the way AI might change SEO.

• Certain verticals, like publishing, are likely to face significant impact from AI search.

• There are tools out there that use AI to give competitive advantages in SEO.

The question about AI is not 'If' but 'When'. And we believe the 'When' is Now! Are you prepared?

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